French are rude? Beautiful Eiffel Tower

The French Are Rude?

Everyone tells you the French are rude. Especially the Parisians, they say. They are haughty, brusque, rude and unfriendly, and you should just be prepared to handle their attitude towards foreign visitors, if you want to enjoy beautiful France. Well, they are right about France being beautiful, but wrong about all the rest. Let me tell you why. – Read More –

Does she really want to stop smoking?

Are you ready to stop smoking cigarettes?

It’s not so easy to stop smoking cigarettes. I watch my team mates commit suicide everyday, as they stand outside our office smoking cigarettes. The pollution from the tar and other chemicals entering their bodies are killing them, and they know it. They are not ready to stop smoking!

“Quitting’s easy, I’ve done it hundreds of times,”

Mark Twain

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