Does she really want to stop smoking?

Are you ready to stop smoking cigarettes?

It’s not so easy to stop smoking cigarettes. I watch my team mates commit suicide everyday, as they stand outside our office smoking cigarettes. The pollution from the tar and other chemicals entering their bodies are killing them, and they know it. They are not ready to stop smoking!

“Quitting’s easy, I’ve done it hundreds of times,”

Mark Twain

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Is a College degree really worth it?

A college degree has always been perceived as being valuable. Besides the prestige, it usually brings lower unemployment rates and higher wages. And many studies have been conducted like this one at the Washington Post, which states that “Going to college is worth it – even if you drop out”! They reinforce the notion that over one’s lifetime a college degree is worth dramatically more to the recipient, than not graduating college. But is it?

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